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The Broadcast Regulatory Environment for 2022 – The New Landscape

5:20 PM - 6:15 PM,

This past year saw the CRTC formally begin the long-awaited Review of Radio process by seeking input from the Canadian Radio & Music industries and all Canadians as it seeks to update the current Canadian broadcast regulations that have been in place for well over 20 years.  And as we all know, there has been massive change during this time. New technology is providing Canadians with a much wider universe of listening options. Weekly time spent listening to radio has declined over 3 hours over the past ten years. Revenues are being challenged; profit margins are shrinking.  New digital media undertakings are operating in Canada without the tax and regulatory responsibilities that Canadian licensed broadcasters must abide by.  And they are directly impacting over the air radio. Our governing policies and regulations need a comprehensive and thorough overhaul. Ownership limits to Cancon levels and support will be a large part of the conversation.

Moderator: Rita Cugini, Former CRTC Commissioner