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Radio’s Business Challenge: Proving it’s Value in a Data Driven Digital World

10:35 AM - 11:20 AM,

In the ever-evolving audio landscape, how is our industry keeping up with accurately measuring audio consumption and proving radio’s advertising effectiveness for their clients? With advertising decisions more than ever being data driven; where buyers are being asked to validate every dollar spent and where results are expected in real time, radio is competing for advertising dollars against the numerous digital audio platforms competing for the same ears. What is radio doing to inform how a campaign impacted the advertiser’s business? Did it drive traffic either instore or online? Did it drive e-commerce and did it amplify other media tactics? We’ve assembled a panel of experts to provide updates on measurement, discuss what advertisers are looking for from their audio partners, and discuss how radio can prove its contribution to advertising outcomes and compete in the digital world.

Moderator:  Caroline Gianias, Radio Connects