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News & Fake News: The Challenge of Unbiased Reporting

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM, On Demand

What is the status of news on our radio stations? Is it more important than ever or has it been pushed aside by social media?  In these remarkable times where we find ourselves dealing with a worldwide pandemic, trucker convoys, vaccine mandates, residential school discoveries, George Floyd, to name but a few, we are seeing clearly defined and polarizing views on public opinion. It’s either left or right…and nothing in between.  Temperatures are getting so hot that newsrooms are getting inundated with threats and hate mail.  News vehicles are removing company logos to keep their reporters safe.

To make matters worse we are now surrounded by a myriad of alternative digitally delivered news services providing their version of news, whether it is fact based or not.

In the search for unbiased reporting, can Canada’s over the air radio properties have a real opportunity to fill a vital role in each of our communities as the voice of truth and reason? Find out the answers to these and other questions from a distinguished panel of experts who are living this world every day.

Moderator:  John Oakley – AM640 Toronto