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RadioActive ’22 -
The Future of Audio

Canadian Music Week’s annual audio expo: accelerating into 2022 and beyond!

From Traditional to Digital: A Management Challenge Summit

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM,

Pundits have been touting the decline of radio for decades now. Whether it was the arrival of television, the Walkman or the internet, streaming, social media and gaming…radio has weathered all battles and survived to remain a vital voice in our local communities. Today, the challenge and the opportunity lie in the expansion of its audio products into the digital landscape.  While traditional over the air radio still is a priority and core to the business, the audience move to digital requires broadcasters to embrace and adapt new business strategies. How do you balance this investment against your primary income source from over the air broadcasting? Where do you invest capital and where is the bigger payoff? How do you reconcile this today versus what the next 3-5 years might look like? Let’s hear from the experts, those people who have made the digital leap and are providing a new revenue source for their companies.


Moderator:  Fred Jacobs, Jacobs Media (USA)