Wednesday 05/07/2014
1:00PM - 1:50PM
(50 minutes)

RADIO: Panel Discussion

Radio’s Road Map to Excellence - International Broadcasters Speak Up

Not that long ago the radio industry looked at North America and in particular the U.S. for radio innovation and excellence. Whether it was the introduction of the Top 40 radio format back in the 60’s with Bill Drake, the RKO AM Radio dynasty with stations like WRKO, KFRC and KHJ, or WABC in New York and CHUM in Toronto, the radio industry in North America was considered world class. And that acclimation continued through the migration to FM radio in the late 60’s/early 70’s with the introduction of new and innovative music formats that has brought us well into the 21st century.
But where is that innovation and excellence today? Does it still live here in Canada and the U.S. or has the industry now become truly global with outstanding radio excellence coming from places like the U.K., Europe, Asia, and Australia? Today, with the likes of NRJ in France, Virgin Radio from the U.K. or 2Day FM from Australia, North American broadcasters might do well to start looking at our friends from overseas.
Not only is Radio alive and well outside of North America, it’s prospering! This highly respected panel of international broadcasters will discuss and share their strategies to keep, and grow, your audience. What works and what didn’t work.
Ross Davies
Director, Member Engagement Radio
BBM Canada
Toronto, Canada
Chris Eagan
Program Director WSB-FM
Cox Radio
Atlanta, USA
Clive Dickens
Dir Digital & Innovation
Southern Cross Austereo
Sydney, Australia
Rob Graham
EON Media Group
Singapore, Singapore
Sue O’Neil
Ops Mgr
Buffalo, USA