Thursday 03/22/2012
Tudor 7&8
2:15PM - 3:05PM
(50 minutes)


It’s All About The Brand

There was a time when your brand was, simply, your call letters or your frequency. Now, brands can be anything. Like the old phrase, it’s not the name that makes the band, but the band that makes the name, it is now the programming that makes the brand. That being said, certain brands carry an identity that is guaranteed to draw people to your station before they’ve had a chance to determine what you have to offer. Join this stellar group as they help you determine if your branding and content are in sync.
Christian Hall
National Program Manager, Harvard Broadcasting
X92.9 FM Calgary’s New Rock Alternative
Calgary, Canada
Julie Adam
SVP Rogers Radio
Rogers Broadcasting
Toronto, Canada
Michael Brandvold
CEO / Founder
Michael Brandvold Marketing
San Francisco, USA