Friday 03/23/2012
Concert Hall
10:00AM - 10:30AM
(30 minutes)

Business Keynote

Lew Dickey Keynote: Empire of sound

Throw a dart at a U.S. map and you’ve invariably hit Lew Dickey territory. Since co-founding Cumulus Media 15 years ago, the author/broadcast mogul has swung more than 150 transactions to turn it into the country’s two largest radio broadcasting companies. Cumulus is a 570-station giant impacting 120 markets, a company whose properties include a radio network serving more than 4500 stations. With that track record, Lew is also one of the top U.S. market strategists, via his Stratford Research, which has offered consulting to radio and TV clients since 1985.
Lew Dickey
Chairman & CEO
Cumulus Media Inc.
Atlanta, USA