Wednesday 09/09/2020
Grand West
3:30PM - 4:20PM
(50 minutes)

Panel Discussion

The Radio & Automotive Town Hall: What’s the Relationship, What’s the Strategy

Radio and the car go together just like two peas in a pod…right? But…does that still hold true today? What was once considered exclusive real estate, AM/FM radio’s place in the car’s dashboard has new neighbours moving in….fast. In fact, the in car infotainment platforms with Google and Apple leading the way, have been moving in for 10 years now! And with the proliferation of music streaming, radio has more competition in the car than ever before. What started with satellite radio has now morphed into a multitude of new audio players and platforms, from the likes of Google, Apple and Spotify, to name but a few. With car companies now offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into new vehicles, coupled with the introduction of voice technology allowing devices such as the Amazon Echo to bring streaming capability into older cars, radio needs a unified strategy to maintain its dominance in the car. This town hall will provide you with the latest information on just where things are and where radio needs to go (quickly) into the future. We’ve assembled an international panel of experts from Europe and North America that will provide you with the latest insights and recommendations on what you as a radio operator need to implement into your business strategy now.
Chris Sisam
Joicey Records & Management
Toronto, Canada
Chris Schreiner
Director, UX Syndicated Research
Strategy Analytics
Oak Hill, USA
Julie Adam
SVP Rogers Radio
Rogers Broadcasting
Toronto, Canada
Michele Laven
President, Strategic Partnerships Group
iHeart Media
New York, USA