Thursday 09/10/2020
VIP Room
2:45PM - 3:35PM
(50 minutes)

Presentation & Panel Discusssion

Opportunities for Radio in 2020 and Beyond--The Listener Perspective. A New Research Study From Audience Insights Inc.

With the advent of TV in the early 1950s, radio was written off as road kill. But radio responded by creating new formats like Top 40 and All News and moved on. When more women entered the work force in the 1970s, radio developed the Adult Contemporary format, the perfect workday companion, and radio prospered. Today, radio is challenged by new audio alternatives such as music streaming and podcasts. How should radio respond? Where are the new opportunities? Jeff Vidler gives us a sneak peek into what might be by going deep with a group of 25-54-year-olds who are already navigating this new world by listening to each of: 1) AM/FM stations; 2) music streaming; and 3) podcasts. You will get insights into how each audio option fits into their lives, how they are using radio now, and how radio might once again re-imagine itself for the future.
Jeff Vidler
Audience Insights Inc.
Toronto, Canada