Stingray announces syndicated The Breeze morning show following restructuring

Stingray has announced it’s introducing a syndicated morning show across its The Breeze easy-listening stations in Vancouver, Edmonton and Halifax

CAB calls for radio Cancon reduction to 25%, common ownership changes

The submission notes that radio is also now competing for audiences with online streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Facebook could block news in Canada like it did in Australia

Canada’s government wants to make Facebook and Google pay publishers for news. Facebook isn’t ruling out blocking news content from its platform.

TUNEIN Loses Appeal Against Judgement in Sony and Warner Copyright Infringement Lawsuit in The UK

The Court of Appeal of England and Wales has upheld a copyright infringement verdict against US streaming radio service TuneIn.

How The Pandemic Impacted Media Usage Trends In 2020.

First the 30,000-foot view from Nielsen’s 38-page report released Thursday.

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June 6-11, 2022