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Podcast Power Up Summit

Sunday, June 2nd, 2024: 11:00am – 7:00pm (Pre-Conference Check-in)

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you. Introducing The Podcast Power-Up Summit: Emerging Voices and Industry Innovators! The Podcast Power-Up Summit isn’t just an event; it’s a chance to hear from, and network with, some of the top experts and podcasters from across North America. And it’s a community where you can exchange ideas, gain insights, and forge meaningful connections that can propel your podcasting journey forward.

The Podcast Power-Up Summit goes Sunday, June 2, from 12:00 – 6:30 pm. To ensure an immersive and focused experience, The Podcast Power-Up Summit is a separate ticketed event at the creator-friendly price of $100.

Don’t miss this must-attend Summit during CMW and Radiodays North America! We can’t wait to welcome you to The Podcast Power-Up Summit!

👈 Early Bird discount ended.
The discount price ended on May 10.
Day 1
Podcast Power Up Summit: Emerging Voices and Industry Innovators

Welcome Address

James Cridland
Editor (Podnews) & Radio Futurologist

How to Seize Opportunity: Podcasts, Commerce, and Corporate Embarrassment


Podcast executive and sometimes-host Laura Mayer (“Shameless Acquisition Target”) charts her path from being a child listening to WBEZ in Chicago, to becoming a somewhat unlikely podcast executive — with many surprising pit stops along the way. In this presentation she’ll talk through spotting opportunity, attempting to take it, trying to wrench success from failure and vice versa, and how you (yes you!) can learn to spot opportunities and take action in your own career (and avoid her pitfalls).

Laura Mayer
Executive Producer, Podcast Programming (Shameless Acquisition Target)
ABC News

Podcasting: the Next Generation

In Conversation With

Podcasting is over two decades old, and a lot of those years have been spent focusing on a familiar notion of what podcasting is, and who can thrive in the industry. But more and more young people are entering the space and making names for themselves, and that means the entire industry is destined for change. In this session, Gen Z podcasters, Carlos and Gavin of the Jumpers Jump Podcast are joined on stage by Canadian podcasting writer, Kattie Laur, to discuss how young people are thinking about podcasting, “influencing”, Youtube, and how their podcast found over 15 million followers across their platforms.

Moderated by: Kattie Laur (Award-Winning Freelance Podcast Producer and Writer)

Carlos Juico
Jumpers Jump Podcast

Gavin Ruta
Jumpers Jump Podcast

Kattie Laur
Award-Winning, Freelance Podcast Producer and Writer

Why Podcasts Fail


Unfortunately, most podcasts don’t reach the levels of impact and notoriety their creators hope for—and it seems like it is getting harder and harder to achieve broad success. Yet most creators don’t realize that many of the reasons their podcast didn’t succeed were already set in place before the first episode was even posted. In this session, veteran podcast creator and executive Eric Nuzum walks through some of the most common causes for podcast failure—and shares what you can do early on to avoid some common pitfalls.

Eric Nuzum
Magnificent Noise

Getting your Indie Podcast Signed

You’ve created a brilliant podcast, built up a following and you’re ready to reach a whole new audience through a bigger, more established network. How do you make the jump? What do you need to know, and who do you need to talk to? Is it worth it? What are the trade-offs and potential pitfalls? In this candid conversation, Kristi Lee (Canadian True Crime), Falen Johnson and Leah Simone-Bowen (Secret Life of Canada) share what it took for them to break through.

Falen Johnson
Host, Secret Life of Canada
CBC Podcasts

Kristi Lee
Principal Writer, Narrator and Producer
Canadian True Crime

Leah-Simone Bowen
Host, Podcast Playlist and Secret Life of Canada
CBC Podcasts

Building an Audio Business (without Losing Your Creative Integrity)


Creators have access to many different business models. This session explains what those models are, how they interact with third party partners, and which you might consider, given the kind of creative you are.

Dane Cardiel
VP of Creator Partnerships

Going Grassroots: How Podcasts Might Help Save Local Journalism
Case Study
Every podcaster has the ability to reach a global audience, so why focus on local? Erin Trafford (Story Studio Network) and Alan Black (Canadaland) see a world of opportunity in community-rooted audio journalism.  Find out why they’re investing big in local stories and voices, and why it’s worth it.
Moderated By: Iris Yudai (CBC News Studios)

Alan Black
Chief Operating Officer

Erin Trafford
Story Studio Network (SSN)

Iris Yudai
Senior Advisor, Content Development
CBC News Studios

How to Make Video Work for Your Podcast


Podcast distribution is expanding rapidly on YouTube. Friends with podcasts or creating podcasts reach out asking, “Will uploading on YouTube decrease my audio numbers? Why should I consider YouTube as a platform to upload my podcast?” We’ll dive into those questions – and yours – and share observations and insights on the growth of podcasts on YouTube.

Farid Haji
Senior Director, Partnerships
The Roost Podcast Network

Ask The Experts

Panel Discussion

Dane Cardiel
VP of Creator Partnerships

Eric Nuzum
Magnificent Noise

James Cridland
Editor (Podnews) & Radio Futurologist

Laura Mayer
Executive Producer, Podcast Programming (Shameless Acquisition Target)
ABC News

Radiodays North America - Podcast Power Up Mixer

Open to all Podcast Power Up delegates to mingle and network.


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