Two Sides of the Coin with Blair Packham and Steve Waxman

6:10 PM - 7:00 PM, Ontario Room

Blair Packham, formerly of The Jitters, is a well respected singer / songwriter who teaches the craft at Seneca College and runs SongStudio, a workshop for songwriters.  SteveWaxman is a 39 year veteran of the music industry working in management as well as indie and major labels.  In this seminar, Blair talks about the creative process of songwriting and performing while Steve shares insights on defining your narrative and understanding your value as an artist.  This is a seminar about empowering artists to take control of their careers.


  • Blair Packham
    Songwriter; Composer of music for Film & Television, SongStudio

  • Steve Waxman
    Entertainment Career Guidance, I.M. Steve Waxman