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The State of Music Journalism: Who’s Left To Spread The News?

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, Ballroom A
Moderator: Karen Bliss
Major Canadian newspapers have been shrinking their coverage of music and dedicated music publications and sites are disappearing too. Full-time music journalists are having a tougher time placing stories and publicists must add first-person blogs and less professional outlets to get coverage for their clients. Many don’t pay their contributors and quality of the writing can reflect that. But beyond those difficulties, how can music scribes, editors and publicists help each other? What would they like to see? Billboard’s Canadian correspondent Karen Bliss moderates this panel about the current state of music journalism. Artist Lu Kala also gets to ask the panel questions, such as how to get U.S. coverage, how to get a story corrected and expectations when hiring a publicist.