The Mechanics of Making a Record

4:10 PM - 4:55 PM, Ontario Room

(Panel Discussion) There are four key technical people that contribute to the actual making of a record:  the engineer, the producer, the mixer and the mastering engineer.  This panel will clearly define the role of each person in the mechanics of recording a song or an album.  All too often, the artist, the A&R person, and the manager have some understanding of how production works, but not the complete picture. We hope to offer that on this panel!

The moderator, Joe D’Ambrosio, a veteran producer/engineer manager who looks after the careers of several of these brilliant men and women, will chair this panel to share as much information as possible with rapid fire questions for all our panelists as well as a vibrant Q and A afterwards.

Opening Remarks – Vezi Tayyeb

Moderator – Joe D’Ambrosio