The Intersection of Science and Music: How AI is Empowering Deep Audience Understanding

10:40 AM - 11:10 AM, Ontario Room

(Keynote Interview)

Ongoing advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way we interact with information, devices, and people on a daily basis. Simple examples that allow us to increase productivity and automate tasks include Alexa predicting when to start a shopping list, Gmail anticipating activating Smart Email, and Netflix recommending viewing something that you wouldn’t have expected. Yet, have we truly explored AI’s practical impact on the music landscape, especially as it pertains to artists, fans, and the overall consumer experience? Join the Chief Analytics & AI Officer of Ingrooves Music Group, Dr. SK Sharma, as he examines the scientific basis of applications and inventions in AI and what it all means for the music industry.

Moderator – Sarah MacKenzie