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So You Think You Can Sync

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM, Ballroom A
Moderator: Josh Rabinowitz
So You Think You Can Sync!, a.k.a. SYTYCS!, is the panel where both highly promising and established musicians with little or no previous sync experience take on creating the music for an advert or a short piece of film. In August, six composers from the world of electronic music were given a previously unseen commercial with the original sound removed. They then had ‘carte blanche’ to sync music that they created specifically for the advert. They were also allowed to use a piece of existing music edited to fit with the images if they preferred. The results will be played in front of a team of advertising industry experts from Massive Music and the director who provided the clip. The experts, led by freelance music director Josh Rabinowitz, will offer their opinions on the approach and relevance of each composer’s effort, alongside giving advice about the art of syncing, methodology and how to get the attention of music supervisors.