Power of Performance Masterclass

4:50 PM - 6:00 PM, Ontario Room

Celebrity Coach Lorraine Lawson will lead CMW artists in an interactive masterclass designed for artists to take their performance skills to the next level. Learn current cool strategies to not only create a powerful performance but a memorable one.

This hands-on interactive program is designed for every level artist who wants to fill the gap from where they are to where they want to be, with current, cool and practical tools on how to perform more powerfully.

The goal for every performer is to create a completely captivating show the audience will remember so become ‘fans’ for years to come!

What you will get in the masterclass

  • Identify who are you?
  • Identify who is your ideal audience?
  • Design a compelling and entertaining physical performance that reflects your artist identity and engages the audience from start to finish
  • How to use Song Form to tell the story and move around the stage like a pro!
  • How to create memorable moments you and your audience will never forget

You will also walk away with the skills to…..

  • Design the perfect set
  • Know what to say when
  • Ways to connect deeply with the audience
  • Create memorable moments
  • Be able to love every minute you are performing

Each person who attends will get a FREE digital copy of POWER OF PERFORMANCE ‘ Becoming the Artist You Are Meant to Be’ written by Lorraine Lawson & Mary-Lu Zahalan

*Available also on Amazon and Audible*