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MINDS OF THE MUSIC SUPERVISOR KIND: A Look Into The Fast – Furious – Creative Team of L.A. based “YAY TEAM INC”

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Ballroom A
Moderator: Jazz Tangcay
Amanda Krieg Thomas leads her team through the wild and creative waters of multi-media music sync placements and is an impressive success  The significance of music throughout the ages to culture and social connect is well documented and easily recognized. Amanda Krieg Thomas could be tagged it’s decathlon champion if music supervision was a sport.
She has worked tirelessly in the field of music supervision for over a decade, collaborating with top-level creators on a wide range of projects from unscripted docu-series to critically-acclaimed cable dramas and everything in between.
She has recently authored a book “Thinking In Sync: A Primer on the Mind of a Music Supervisor.”
Her Team of Anna Romanoff, Julian Drucker and Mandisa Henry will join Amanda in an in-depth conversation taking pages out of Amanda’s “Thinking In Sync!…” And much more. Virtually live with the author and her friends and co-workers.
Hosting the discussion will be Senior Artisans Editor – Variety – Jazz Tangcay.