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Keynote Interview with Buffy Sainte-Marie, Up Where She Belongs

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM, Ballroom A
Interviewer: Andrea Warner

Still singing, performing and shredding her guitar at 80, Buffy Sainte-Marie has been a part of our lives since the ‘60s, writing songs for herself and other artists worldwide – including Universal Soldier, Until It’s Time for You to Go and the Oscar-winning Up Where We Belong. But her music and lyrics were also an entry-point for a lifetime of Indigenous and progressive activism, including her creation of the Cradleboard Teaching Project that raises cultural self-awareness among Native American children while informing the public about indigenous contributions to science, government and creativity. In this Keynote interview, Sainte-Marie will speak from experience about her realization of music as a vehicle of change. A warm and passionate storyteller, she will offer up life lessons for using your gifts to speak truths, and your energy to lift others.