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Spotlight on Holland

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, Ballroom B
Moderator: Kees Van Weijen

In the Netherlands, music streaming is growing rapidly.The Dutch music industry, being one of the top 10 music markets in the world, is thriving and over the last 2 years music revenues achieved double-figure growth and still have further opportunities. A massive 80% of this number can be attributed to streaming revenue, whereby Spotify and YouTube are the platforms that are most popular for Dutch music listeners. Further to the high music consumption, Dutch artists generate massive amounts of international revenues. Much of this can be attributed to the popularity of Dutch electronic music.

With regards to the live music sector, The Netherlands has a unique position. Important reasons for this can be found in the excellent club and theater circuit with worldwide acclaimed facilities, both in terms of hospitality, services and technical facilities. With regard to the live music festival circuit, the Netherlands has a record number of very professional and world-famous (open-air) festivals in all genres of pop music whereby quality of production and innovation are at the highest level.

During this panel, Dutch record and live music professionals discuss the state of affairs within the music industry in the Netherlands as well as the extensive export activities of Dutch artists and professionals.


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