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Distributing and Monetizing Your Music in the 21st Century – “ If it ain’t out there, it ain’t monetizing! “

12:40 PM - 1:25 PM, Ontario Room

(Keynote Conversation) Every artist, every manager and everyone in the music business at large will be enlightened by this most important aspect of an artists career and the professionals behind their careers.

Monetizing your Music is the end result of Creating your Music. If it ain’t out there, it ain’t monetizing!

Enter Steve Stoute, United Master founder. Stoute is excited by the rapid growth of the self-releasing artist sector which is estimated to have generated $1.2 billion globally in 2020. The UnitedMasters boss insists that “there are no opportunities that signed artists at record companies have over independent artists”.

Digital distribution is paving the way for ALL creators of music to Monetize. From its inception, United Masters has paved the way to a future where ALL artists are treated equally.

Enter David Melhado, UnitedMasters, VP of Music and Marketing who is focused on creating more opportunities for creators to make a living off of their passion.

Mulhado, MacMaster and Lopes will “ turn on your bright lights ” to see clearly, “ the road ahead to making a living in the music business.”

 Moderator – Melissa MacMaster