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OPENING KEYNOTE with Michael Dorf, City Winery and The Agents/Promoter Super Session: Assessing Damage and Hopeful Signs

12:40 PM - 2:10 PM, Ballroom


As the world locked down for the first wave of the pandemic, the industry was hit with a daisy chain of disaster. Concert promoters went bust. The bigger ones that survived did so through massive cutbacks and layoffs. Tours were cancelled and/or re-routed and rescheduled. Tickets for cancelled shows went un-refunded. Now, with artists tentatively back on tour, and shows augmented with live-streams, enterprising agents, promoters and venue owners seek to rebuild. This panel will take a second look at what happened, and what the future could hold.

Opening Keynote – Michael Dorf, City Winery

Moderator – Heather Gibson

Brought To You By: Scotiabank Arena