Panel Details

Thursday 05/05/2016
Sheraton Hall C
5:10PM - 6:00PM
(50 minutes)

Social Music: Panel Discussion

Online Music Marketing: Social Media and Digital Distribution

Don McLean notwithstanding, there was no, “day the music died.” The fact that new artists and millions of fans continue to find each other belies music’s durability - even through the death of a business model. Social media in particular has stepped in as the new radio, with playlists shared and new artist discoveries excitedly trumpeted to friends and followers by “citizen A&Rs.” Those who were quick to react to this cloud-retail have begun to create The Music Business 2.0. This session will access what a virtual business plan looks like, how to distribute via social media and how to engage digital revenue streams.

Sponsored by:
Andrew King
Editor in Chief
Canadian Musician Magazine
Niagara, Canada