Panel Details


Thursday 05/05/2016
Osgoode Ballroom East
11:40AM - 12:30PM
(50 minutes)

Social Music: Panel Discussion

‘Hot Pod’ My Podcast is Bigger Than Your BLOG and My Playlist Rocks Your internet!

Mainstream media ate their hearts out last year when President Obama talked for an hour on a podcast recorded in a garage – comedian Marc Maron’s WTF. It was the high water mark for a medium that has seen everything from major daily newspapers to Rolling Stone magazine launch their own digital download entertainment, and the true-crime podcast Serial snag five million-plus listeners. But some advertisers and investors, who were burned by the earlier blog boom, remain unconvinced. This session will analyze the durability of this hot medium and assess its effectiveness as a distribution point for playlists along with it’s value as a marketing tool. And does this mean the death of the BLOG?

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