Panel Details

Friday 09/11/2020
VIP Room
4:30PM - 5:20PM
(50 minutes)

Fireside Chat

How Technology Is Bringing Value Back To The Music Industry

• How do we change the upside-down value proposition where other forms of entertainment (films, books, live events, etc.) have a price point that is multiples above that of a song, that you listen to thousands of times over the course of your life?

• What did technology promise the music industry, that still hasn’t been delivered?

• What value does blockchain technology bring to the music industry?

• How do we bring attention, accessibility and financial benefit to those that actually create music - the performers, writers, lyricists, producers, engineers and mixers - that are involved in bringing a song to life in the hands of a fan?

• How can artist and rights holders be compensated in real-time? The technology exists today to identify song usage globally, and tie that use to the right holders involved in the creation of that song and transmit an electronic payment. What are the factors that are preventing this from being a reality right now?

• How can labels and publishers benefit from new technology that puts them in direct contact with consumers for the first time?

• How does a platform like Vezt create value for artists, labels and publishers, as well as consumers?

• What is the real value of a song? Have we even scratched the surface on the lifetime value of music to a fan?

• Why are songs all priced the same? A Mercedes and a Volkswagen are both cars, but one is valued much more than the other - shouldn’t music be treated the same way?
Steve Stewart
CEO & Co-Founder
Vezt Inc.
Los Angeles, USA
Jake Gold
The Management Trust
Toronto, Canada