Panel Details

Wednesday 09/09/2020
VIP Room
1:00PM - 1:50PM
(50 minutes)

Panel Discussion

The Ticketing Panel: Cracks in the Crackdown Regs?

There’s little doubt the concert-going public is losing trust in the process, with bots and resellers negating any first-in-line advantage passionate fans once had. The fact that governments in Ontario, Alberta and B.C. are addressing it in law reflects consumer anger. But politics is messy. And in Ontario, the Tory government has already watered-down its Liberal predecessor’s legislation (spiking plans to put a 50% cap on ticket markup). All three governments continue to ban “bot” sales, putting the onus on ticket sellers and resellers to guarantee compliance. Meanwhile, some feel government intervention will drive business to the black market. If that’s the case, then what can the industry do to police itself and repair public trust? This session will analyze trends, legislation, best practices and revenue – and consider how best to promote transparency and to level the playing field for consumers.