Panel Details


Saturday 05/11/2019
Osgoode Ballroom East
2:05PM - 2:35PM
(30 minutes)

Fireside Chat

A One-on One with Jermaine Dupri: The Mega-stardom Magnet

Jermaine Dupri is all things to generations of hip-hop fans. The Atlanta mogul is a rapper, actor, record executive, producer, manager and – lest we forget – a prolific songwriter (Dupri was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame last year – only the second hip-hop artist with that honour after Jay-Z - partly on the strength of Mariah Carey’s “Song of the Decade,” We Belong Together). A performer since childhood, he’s the man who discovered Kriss Kross in a mall, helped shape Destiny’s Child’s debut album, gave us Bow Wow and championed Jay-Z when he was deemed “not commercial enough.” Name a name – Diddy, Snoop, Janet Jackson, Biggie, Usher – and there’s a straight line to Jermaine Dupri. You should make a straight line to this Q&A, a unique brush-with-greatness and an opportunity for priceless insight.
Keynote Interview
Jermaine Dupri
Member of Song Writers Hall of Fame, Artist, Producer, CEO
So So Def.

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