Panel Details


Saturday 05/11/2019
Sheraton C
10:50AM - 11:35AM
(45 minutes)

Dedicated Q&A

Content is All: If A Record is Released without Powerful Content Was it Even Released at all?

Michelle An, Interscope’s SVP of Creative Content has built out content strategies for some of the hugest names in pop music today including Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Madonna, and more. She has crafted artist’s brands and even produced long form films and music documentaries - for which she has been GRAMMY nominated. It’s no surprise that content is everything in today’s feed-filled environment - artist’s can truly leverage the tools and use content as a creative extension of their work / or they can be buried in the noise. In this Q&A Michelle will discuss the making of a great content strategy, share stories from working with some of the greats, and how we can prepare for the future of content creation.
Karen Bliss
Canadian Correspondent for Billboard and Founder/Editor
Toronto, Canada
Michelle An
SVP/Head of Creative Content

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