Panel Details


Saturday 05/11/2019
Osgoode Ballroom East
10:50AM - 11:35AM
(45 minutes)

Fireside Chat

The Music is the Message

A One on One chat with Eryk, SVP, Music Director, Deutsch, Moderated by Sync Summit CEO Mark Frieser.
The Canadian media theorist Marshal McLuhan stated the medium used to convey a message and the message itself form a symbiotic relationship whereby the message’s meaning and impact are influenced. For example, ads in print have a different feel, different meaning and impact than those on an outdoor billboard, on social media or on TV.
The same holds true for music and messaging. How, where and what kind of music is used in an ad has a huge impact on how the message of the ad is perceived by the customer, the ad’s effectiveness and whether at the end of the day, the ad is a success.
Music has a bigger role than ever in helping to convey brand image, and in the selling of every product imaginable.
In this discussion with Deutsch’s Eryk Rich, we’ll focus on music’s role in creating impactful, successful advertising campaigns, how music is loomed with copy to build brand recognition, loyalty and most important, sales, as well as how why and where music is sourced for ads.
Featured Speaker
Eryk Rich
SVP, Music Director
Deutsch LA
Mark Frieser
Sync Summit/Sync Exchange
Jersey City, USA

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