Panel Details

Friday 05/10/2019
Osgoode Ballroom East
1:45PM - 3:00PM
(1 hour 15 minutes)

Ticketed Event

A Very Special Q&A: David Grohl Interviews Virginia Grohl - Behind Every Successful Star is...their Mom?!

It’s not surprising that schoolteacher Virginia Hanlon Grohl has spent a lot of time talking about her son, David, singer and guitarist for the Foo Fighters and drummer for a band that defined a generation, Nirvana. But eventually she became curious about other mothers in her situation and decided to listen. The result was From Cradle to Stage, a book of interviews with 18 other mothers of famous performers – including Dr. Dre’s mom Verna Griffin, Mary Morello whose son Tom was guitarist for Rage Against the Machine, and the mothers of REM’s Michael Stipe and Amy Winehouse. In this very special Q&A session, that famous son – David - will interview Virginia about her book, her delightful meetings with other “stage moms” and what to do when your child is a talented, charismatic misfit.