Panel Details


Friday 05/11/2018
Sheraton Hall C
1:30PM - 2:20PM
(50 minutes)


SAFETY & SECURITY: Active Shootings - Employee Training & Response

Shortly after the Columbine High School shooting in April of 1999, nearly all North American Law Enforcement Agencies started teaching any possible active shooter victims the phrase and actions of "RUN and HIDE”. As the words simply outline, potential victims were taught to RUN away if you can and HIDE if you cannot run away. There are some that have said that this phrase may have cost lives. Attend this unique and informative session and learn reasons why the newest term; "FIGHT” must be completely understood and taught to all employees and team members.

After a quick review of the most common types of hospitality active shooters, the reasons why these crimes are committed and several proven methods to avoid them, we’ll use video and photos of actual suspects to give attendees tools and discussion points with them to teach and understand the term “FIGHT”.

Our mindset, within all hospitality environments must change, however, it can’t change unless we understand what it is we must do to change. Attending this session will not only open eyes but will give solid answers on what to change in hopes of avoiding mass casualty shooting incidents.