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Thursday 05/10/2018
Osgoode Ballroom West
12:00PM - 12:30PM
(30 minutes)

In Conversation With

In Conversation With Adam Gontier (Frontman For Saint Asonia, Ex Three Days Grace)

The acclaimed singer-songwriter wrote about his struggles with addiction in his multi-platinum rock band Three Days Grace and released a mini documentary, Behind The Pain, in 2007, after his stay at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in 2005. He followed by performing at addiction centres across North America and talking about his recovery. In this candid interview with music journalist Karen Bliss, Billboard’s Canadian correspondent and founder of cause/charity-focused, Adam will talk about staying healthy on the road; seeking help, maintaining or returning to your career when surrounded by temptation, as well as the importance, for any touring musician, of exercise, getting sleep, finding time for yourself (to read, to write, to stay in touch with family), eating properly, and maintaining friendships/working relationships/civility within the band. And, of course, perhaps using all these ups and down as creative impetus /inspiration for songs.

Sponsored by:, Slaight Music, Unison
Karen Bliss
Canadian Correspondent for Billboard and Founder/Editor
Toronto, Canada

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