Panel Details


Saturday 05/12/2018
Sheraton Hall A/B
2:30PM - 3:50PM
(1 hour 20 minutes)

Music Cities Summit: Workshop

Community Sound Management

Are problems with sound complaints impacting your City and disrupting the quality of life? Is it time to change how to approach sound issues in your city?
Don Pitts of Sound Music Cities who developed policies and procedures that led to a 70% reduction in sound complaints on venues and festivals in one of the busiest music cities in the world will lead participants through a workshop designed to learn the fundamentals of Community Sound Management. Community Sound Management is a pragmatic approach in dealing with sound issues. Instead of using the stakeholder approach, this program utilizes the partnership approach to resolving sound issues. Don Pitts will take participants through a workshop which will:
1. Explain the importance of the partnership approach and helps participants identify the partners in their community.
2. Identify the types of data and measurements needed for a Sound Management Program.
3. Help participants identify the activities and communications tools they must put in place.
4. Create an awareness of the backbone support needed for a Community Sound Management System. (Open to all delegate pass holders)

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