FRANCE / Electronic Art Pop

Feathery, yet contoured vocals in delicate, even fragile chamber pop sketches with a hint of
the Nouvelle Vague: “Songs Of Gold & Shadow”, the debut from Parisian musician Cleo T. released in 2013, was as exciting as smart, a record that saw the crackling glamour of yore and a clever, modern production go hand in hand.

And yet this was but a prelude: “And Then I Saw A Million Skies Ahead” is more than music.
Much more.

In this multidisciplinary, synesthetic work of art, eleven breathtakingly diverse compositions
form the soundtrack for an interactive, integrative experience in which song, dance, painting, analogue instrumentation and digital video art seductively find one another. Art for all one’s senses.

The heart. World music in its finest sense. Musicians from eleven countries meet, as do gospel and Balkan beats, Neo Soul and chanson, tender electronica and French Pop, velvety crooning and fresh funk. For all this, Cleo T., who now lives in Prenzlauer Berg as well as in Paris, has won over another spectacular producer: Following up on John Parish’s work on “Songs Of
Gold & Shadow” is Roman Wunderkind Ed Cianfanelli alias Rodion. Like Cleo T., the Bach
lover and dance DJ is a Berlin resident by choice and the perfect partner in merging historical musical traditions and the city’s young sound: tabla and oud (by Palestinian musician Adnan Joubran), charango and cello, violin and tango guitar (by Argentinian Tomás Gubitsch), all under the spell of minimal beats.

Poetry and Painting
The Research. Art as a door to our inner temple. For “And Then I Saw A Million Skies
Ahead”, Cleo T. found inspiration in poetry and classical painting, between space and time,
along the invisible, intangible, yet perceptible ideal and art historical lines from Greek
philosopher Plotin to Russian avantgardist Kasimir Sewerinowitsch Malewitsch to Mexican
painter Frida Kahlo to the great Italian mind Pier Paolo Pasolini, all of whose works informed the concept and find themselves played on in it.

Digital Arts
The vision. The metaphysics of light. Working together with artist Maflohé Passedouet,
founder of the Mobilis_Immobilis company, an optical interpretation of Cleo T.’s ideas was
created, always in flux, music and movement reflected in light effects and hence made visible
and tangible in an interactive choreography reminiscent of bioluminescent phenomena like
aurora borealis. Color rush and shadow dance – an invitation to create one’s own light and
spread it to make the world a bit brighter.

The experience. A never-ending work in progress. In an intentional break with a central
tradition of the stage, the audience finds itself at the heart of the work of art, a part of the
pluri-sensorial experience while projections are being created in real time. Making use of
infrared cameras, analyzers, and MAX/MSP software, the performance, mixing electronic and acoustic instruments, singing with spoken words and theater, is transformed from a
presentation to an interactive process, with the audience transcending the sensual experience
through the lense that is itself. On to a millionfold firmament.

The show, created every time anew in situ, is meant to build bridges between the art world’s
conceptual approach and the emotional immediacy of Pop. It will be individually adapted to be performed at selected galeries, museums and other art institutions as well as nightclubs and other more traditional venues.