FRANCE / Electronic Art Pop

21st November at 21:00, Cleo T was internationaly born. Referred as a scorpio in Europe, lion in space, wind in South America and a water dog in China, native american snake.
16th arrondissement of Paris is where the trip started. Her drive for music was held by a piano, an indigo blue pen and infrarealist poetry.
09 July 2009, Cleo T. launched her first show as a solo artist. Departure.
03 releases including two EP’s and a debut album recorded by John Parish in Bristol.
143 concerts worlwide took place among the prestigious events such as SXSW in Texas, The Great Escape in England, Solidays in France, CMJ in New York and at the Canadian Music Week in Toronto.
12 countries, a self made artist running her own production company Moonflowers to deliver her music by its all means, direct to the audience.
18 passports from around the world where musicians and visual artists are joining Cleo T. to shape up this Art Ensemble . This contemporary electronic music grows up on an acoustic ground giving each song its unique world.
01 Wrther Strasse in Berin is the lighthouse that will soon spread its light.