For our 8th day of Christmas we give you 50 + showcasing artists to explore over the holidays. Let us give you the gift of exploring your new favorite artists! Take a look at the list below of our first wave of 2018 showcasing acts, and listen to our Spotify playlist. Also, as part of our Concert Series we have Toronto’s very own Keys N Krates bringing their Cura tour to the Danforth Music Hall on May 11, and have country singer-songwriter Lindi Ortega headlining the Mod Club on May 9.

With the New Year brings New Artists! Look out in early 2018 for more announcements.

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Alone I Walk  (Canada)
Anna Mae  (Switzerland)
Barbara Lynn Doran  (Canada)
BBQ Pope  (Canada)
Beams  (Canada)
Beat Market  (Canada)
Black Knight Satellite      (Canada)
Blackberries  (Germany)
Bodhi Jar  (Canada)
Bronswick  (Canada)
Brooklyn Doran  (Canada)
Campbell Woods  (Canada)
Chkbns  (Russia)
Claire Hunter  (Canada)
Coma Pony  (Mexico)
Common Holly  (Canada)
Crystal Cities   (Australia)
DATU  (Canada)
David in The Dark  (Canada)
Dear Child  (Canada)
Dhruv Visvanath  (India)
Double Fuzz   (Canada)
Fake Shark  (Canada)
Glass Cactus  (Canada)
Honey Beard  (Canada)
Howlite  (Australia)
Hungry Lake  (Canada)
James Blonde  (Canada)
Kate Todd  (Canada)
Keffa  (Canada)
Keys N Krates  (Canada)
Le Couleur  (Canada)
Lindi Ortega  (Canada)
Little Boxer  (Canada)
LOA  (Canada)
Lora Ryan  (Canada)
Luge  (Canada)
Marcus Alan Ward  (USA)
nêhiyawak  (Canada)
Paupière  (Canada)
Pilot Light   (Canada)
Radiant Baby  (Canada)
Royal Prospect  (Sweden)
Sonars  (UK/Italy)
Stand Up and Say No  (Canada)
Talisco  (France)
Tansy  (Canada)
The Bare Minimum  (Canada)
The Holy Gasp  (Canada)
The Look Back Now  (Canada)
The Ocean Cure  (Canada)
Victoria + Jean  (Belgium/Sweden)
WHOOP-Szo  (Canada)
WLMRT  (Canada)
Wolves at Midnight   (Canada)