BETS – Brooklyn, NY

What was first album you ever purchased?
I had two older brothers, so I usually just stole their music. Think the first album I bought on my own was Doolittle by the Pixies (they taught me well).
What are you most looking forward to at CMW?
The people I’ll meet and sing for. And of course, the other music I’ll hopefully have time to check out (like Hinds and Varsity and everyone else fun who is playing).
What is your favourite thing about your city?
The beautiful creative energy.
Who are some of your favourite local artists?
Lately… Grizzly Bear, Poppies, Porches, Overcoats, Habibi, Annie Hart, Dev Hynes, Domino Kirke, Sunflower Bean, Gingerlys and the list goes on.
If you had to make a taco with only 3 ingredients, what would you choose?
Ghost chili apple hot sauce, black beans and avocado.

Billy Moon – Toronto, ON

What is your favourite thing about Toronto?

The real estate market.
What was your favourite show you’ve played?
The Simpsons on VHS.
Who are some of your favourite artists/bands right now?
Brockhampton, Jonathan Richman, Shame, Dirty Princes, Cliff Richard, Corridor, Astrid Gilberto, Gillian Hills, Francoise Hardy, Parquet Courts, Jeff the Brotherhood.
If you could transform into any animal, what would you choose?
A dog with a rich owner, or a cat that lived on a Greek island.
What are you most excited for at CMW this year?
Lydia Lunch, 2 Chainz, Petra Glynt, Pictureplane, SMOKES and Keifer Sutherland at the Sirius XM House.

Irini Mando – London, UK

Who are your biggest influences?
Growing up, I was mainly influenced by pop and RnB legends such as Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Tina Turner to name a few – but also by the Greek music I was surrounded by.
Throughout my teenage years I discovered hip hop and dancehall. This is also when I started taking music more seriously, started writing and performing more regularly.
When I moved to London at 18 to pursue music full-time, it opened up a whole new world to me once again – grime, afro beats, and more recently afro swing became part of my everyday life’s fabric.
What have you been listening to lately?
It’s a real mixture of things.. I listen to a lot of UK music at the moment but I really love music from all over the world. That’s why I’m so excited to play in Toronto soon – so many greats have come out of this city!
I also really enjoy discovering new artist through independently curated playlists like my friend Noiregino’s playlists on Spotify.
What do you like most about your city?
Honestly, the cultural diversity and the people. The art scene and the food are pretty dope too.
Where is your favourite place that you’ve travelled?
Obviously, nothing beats going home to Greece but I did love staying in LA for a couple of months last year.
What are you most looking forward to in 2018?
I’m looking forward to releasing more music, playing more shows and travelling to more places.

Lover’s Touch – Toronto, ON

What was first album you bonded over as a band?

Maybe not the first album we bonded over but there was a solid period of time where we would skip to You Never Give Me Your Money from Abbey Road and listen to the whole end medley and get super pumped on it.

What are you most looking forward to at CMW?

Really stoked to see as much music as possible and hang with fellow Canadian bands.

What is your favourite Toronto venue?

The Horseshoe is a pretty legendary spot, but it’s hard to pick because there are so many great venues that hold a lot of history.

What are you listening to right now?

We’ve been really digging some of our Toronto pals – “Take Your Time” by Pleasure Craft, “Meanwhile Cause” by Triples and “Terribly True” by Deanna Petcoff to name a few!

Excited to be playing shows with our Chicago friends this month – Check out Paul Cherry, Bunny, and Varsity!

If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life what would it be?

It is rare to see any member of Lovers Touch indulge in a sweet treat.. Give us some salt and we are content!.. Maybe some dark chocolate??


Wild Planes – New York City, NY

What was first album you bonded over as a band?

As a band we bond over a lot of music and albums. We enjoy music that pumps us up! We love getting into the van and blasting Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, James Brown etc etc. We also bond over booze, nothin beats having an old fashioned with your best friends before hitting the stage. 

 If you created your own festival, who would headline?

If we had our own festival…hmmm…definitely Aerosmith. We would also have Justice cause they rock among many other current headliners whom we love.  

What is your favourite thing about your city?

New York City is filled with wonder and excitement! Every night is pretty much Friday night and theres always a cool spot to hang out and chill. 

If you had to pick only 3 fruits to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose?The fruits of our labor of course 😉 

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

We have so much going on this year. It’s already been a crazy year playing festivals and shows. This coming May we are playing ROCKLAHOMA in Oklahoma which is one of the biggest baddest rock festivals in USA. We also have a bunch of dates all down the east coast plus Canada again!