Pop / Rock
Wild Planes consists of lead singer Kris Carmello, guitarist Sean Mac, bassist Jimmy “Ray” Hoag and drummer Andre Jevnik. The band was founded by Kris and Andre when they met in college. They travelled across the country with other bands together until they started their own project. Jimmy (bass guitar) was added to the band after seeing Andre perform at a drum off. He then attended a show that Kris and Andre were playing and they hit it off. A year later, Jimmy was asked to play which led to him joining. Sean (lead guitar) joined the band a few weeks after Jimmy. Sean was playing in a working cover band in the same scene as Kris and Andre. Sean was asked to play a massive show at the legendary Irving Plaza NYC, since “Wild Planes” needed a guitar player. After one rehearsal……the rest is history. Wild Planes had their first debut show at Irving Plaza NYC and in only five months, the band has played numerous festivals in the Northeast and is now set to play with Cee Lo Green in Stamford, CT. They plan to release their debut EP in August with a few singles to follow.
April 22, 2017 12:00 am CMW Showcase