Synth Rock / Freak Pop
“Of Montreal meets Arcade Fire meets Freak Pop.” -Drake Underground

The Nursery are a vibrant 4-piece alternative pop band from Toronto who weave hazy, neon-drenched atmospheres into infectiously adventurous songs. Lyrically spinning conversational quips that tap into the human condition, exploring life’s contradictions while pulling you between pure joy and sheer dread. Fearless sweeping synths, angular guitars, and unbreakable dance rhythms carry The Nursery’s colorful and energetic live show. “With an anthemic and boisterous sound, Toronto’s The Nursery is well on the path to being Canada’s next great indie-pop band. Fantastic indie pop.” wrote the Revue.

Shortly after releasing their 2016 debut, Digital Ashes, the band started making their characteristic music impossible to miss. Garnering praise for their unique fusion of 80’s junkshop synths and futuristic aesthetics while keeping true to the art of classic pop songwriting. Only 6 months after the release of Digital Ashes, The Nursery unexpectedly released the wildly sardonic and socially potent “Everybody’s Famous” from their upcoming debut full-length album. The video is complete with a cast of dead pop culture icons who are transplanted into our modern world on a small speakeasy stage – all vying for the spotlight. “The Nursery has a truly special talent for exploring the human experience with an authentic bluntness” Nu wrote about the video. “The song and video take sharp-tongued stabs at toxic social media culture and leaves it in pieces.” Ever wanted to see Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley feverishly make-out while Charlie Chaplin eats McDonalds and Marylin Monroe can’t stop taking selfies? Look no further.

April 19, 2017 8:00 pm Indies w/ Indie88