The Extroverts formed in 1979, wrote 50 songs, toured the Prairies like mad, but made just one studio recording, the 7” single “Living in Poverty/Political Animals”. Their music is heavily influenced by first-wave UK punk and new wave: The Clash, The Jam, Elvis Costello, the Rezillos, Graham Parker, Gang of Four, and the like. Fast-forward to 2009, when all four original members reformed to play with old pals DOA. Upon reforming, Extroverts uncovered lyrics unused from the first time around, and began writing new songs with these intact, olden days lyrics. The result is SUPPLE, the band’s first ever studio LP, released in September 2016. Extroverts have also released EXTROVERTS DEMO 1979, which includes 12 songs recorded live to 2-track cassette. Extroverts toured Western Canada last fall, and are touring eastern Canada this spring, including a stop in Toronto to play CMW.
April 19, 2017 12:00 am CMW Showcase