Pop, Rock
Formed in Toronto, Canada by Wes Marskell and Jason Couse, The Darcys make melodic, groove-forward indie-pop. The duo have have released three critically acclaimed full-length albums, a 20-minute instrumental piece entitled Hymn For A Missing Girl, and a lo-fi interpretation of Steely Dan’s masterpiece AJA. Their music, lush with vibrant synths, 808s and funk bass, has a sound that feels timeless yet contemporary in today’s modern pop landscape. Following a busy international touring schedule, The Darcys had both a commercial and artistic breakthrough with 2016’s California inspired and escapist themed Centerfold. In 2018, the duo released two singles, the summery and socially conscious Just Here with My Friends (feat. Leah Fay) and the soulful Chasing the Fall. Both singles were very well received, garnering further success for the duo and their new more pop-minded sound.

The Darcys’ evolution continues into 2019 as they refine their production style and turn their gaze inward, writing songs with a maturity and pop sensibility not heard previously. The band plans to continue to release singles in anticipation of a forthcoming full-length album.

May 9, 2019 11:00 pm Paradigm Showcase – Mod Club Thursday May 9th