United States
Hip Hop
The Bishops are an Austin-based trio consisting of vocalist Cara Bishop, producer Troy Bishop, and rapper
Chris Bishop. These siblings are bringing a new wavy sound to music, pushing the boundaries of any
genre. The Bishops’ unique blend of styles consists of influences from electronic, hip-hop, jazz, RnB and

pop music, creating a sound that is bound to bring together a diverse crowd.

Troy started producing music at the age of 12, after older brother Chris downloaded a production software
demo and encouraged him to learn how to make music. Little did the two brothers know, their music
career was about to drastically change when their little sister Cara revealed that she could sing. The three
immediately began working together, creating a catalogue of unreleased music influenced by hip-hop
artists such as Kanye West, 9th Wonder and J Dilla and electronic music producers, Flume and Sam Gelliatry.

The Bishops marked their path with viral track “Blood Ring” and following single, “Mr. Scatterbrained.”
Staying consistent with single releases, this family is undoubtedly taking the city by a storm. As they
continue to build their innovative sound intriguing fans all across the globe, they are shifting the boundaries of all genres and revolutionizing the horizon of music.

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