Toronto, ON
Electronic Bedroom Pop
SWANES artful and accessible blend of pop, electronic, and indie is hard to pin down in any one category. Though their pop influences shine strong, their music is characterized by the transient use of different genres in each composition–and is further distinguished by its hyper-lucid style.

Michael–who assumes the role of songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist–yields a powerfully emotive yet unique voice that possesses familiar traces of previous pop greats. His ability to camouflage his vocal timbre from song to song is a rarity that only a few embody. Michael’s lyrics often speak candidly about personal struggles.

As a Berklee College of Music graduate, Stefan–initially a session drummer–now finds himself in the producer’s chair. His minimal production style is comparable to A-list producers in the contemporary pop world. Underneath the surface, the production is colored with meticulous nuances and atmospherics that start to become more visible after multiple listens.

The London-born, Toronto-based Michael and Stefan Bildy got their start early on like many sibling groups. Playing in small outfits around their hometown, they began writing together at the ages of 12 and 14, respectively.

With airtime on BBC Radio 1 and placements on influential Spotify playlists such as Fresh Finds and Indie All-Stars, SWANES are showing auspicious signs of things to come. Their second single ‘BPD’ was released on the French/Japanese label Kitsuné and highlighted by Australian electronic music heavyweights Future Classic.

May 7, 2019 8:00 pm The Garrison, Tuesday May 7th