rock n roll
Rock ‘n’ roll, if it serves one direct purpose, is to articulate life lived to the fullest – be it messy, beautiful, or a complete disaster. For more than half a century, rock ‘n’ roll musicians have been able to show us the contours of lived human experiences, scrambling to make sense of it all through screaming guitar riffs and rhythmic drum beats, hypnotic as they are soothing.

This is what Sun K try to do on their thunderous sophomore record, Bleeding Hearts, which contains the whole spectrum of emotion in its 12 songs. The title of the album alone is a hat-tip toward the fraught, yet hyperbolic, emotional experiences one can endure. Vocalist and guitarist Kristian Montano says of the album’s title that the band is exemplified by just that. “This is what you’re like in your 20’s if you’re a bunch of expressive, emotional people,” he says. “You know, we really wear our hearts on our sleeves and the lyrics, the music, really reflect that. It’s songs about love and songs about, you know, all the stuff you experience: love, hate, angst, devotion.”

May 11, 2019 12:00 am the PAA Showcase, Saturday May 11th