Toronto, ON
RYLS (pronounced “royals”) is a Toronto-based band aiming to bring rock back into the hands of youth culture and compete for its attention alongside the currently dominating genres of rap and pop. RYLS combines distorted guitars melodic synths dance beats and rock anthem choruses to deliver a powerful performance and mandate to all outsiders: you are not alone. Their debut EP live:love:lose features songs that touch on themes of addiction love and mental health. Having known each other since high school the band’s members share a deep connection leading to the formation of RYLS. The members pride themselves on their freedom of expression having written recorded and produced their music on their own and shot their music videos independently with the help of a few select like-minded creatives. The band has worked on their music videos with notable actors in the LGBTQ community to spread a message self-love diversity and inclusiveness that rock music was always meant to have. In a time where the music industry screams “rock is dead ” RYLS breaths new life into the genre and brings it back to its rebellious roots. The band’s name is a symbol for the misfits of the world – the outliers: all those who don’t fit society’s norms whether through their personalities sexuality physical and mental health cultural background or whatever else sets them apart. It serves as a reminder that there’s royalty in all of us. Fuck your dad’s rock this is RYLS.
May 10, 2019 9:00 pm Cherry Cola’s, Friday May 10th