Red Mass is a gathering of artists, musicians and agent provocateurs from around the globe. Created by Roy Vucino as part of the ‘Free Creative Enterprise’ TA DA arts collective, its goal is to create punk music and art, in various mediums while incorporating techniques of automatic creation, chaos magic and liberation through art. To do so the Mass forgoes any allegiance to a specific scene, genre or sound. This method of working outside of the classic band format allows the Mass to work with as many international collaborators as it likes regardless of their experience, style or background. The present core of ‘Red Mass’ is comprised of Roy Vucino and partner Hannah Lewis. Eager to explore new soundscapes and to collaborate with musicians all over the world, the band has amassed more than 100 participating artists and musicians in its ranks. Collaborations with some of our idols, our friends, our family members and with strangers who wanna create something subversive.
“Kilrush Drive” was recorded by Mingo L’indien (Les Georges Leningrad/Ellemetue) and mixed by Sebastien Perry. There are 9 new tracks and 2 older tracks the band chose to rework at Breakglass Studios with Dave Smith and Jace Lasek (Besnard Lakes). Producer/musician Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop & Herbie Hancock) also contributed to a song.
With this release Red Mass has refined its post punk sound, incorporating pop hooks, surreal politics and unsettling noise tonalities over a bed of dark electro, punk and hip hop beats.
About Roy Vucino and Hannah Lewis
Vucino has been a staple in the city’s punk & experimental scenes as a member of internationally acclaimed garage punk groups CPC Gangbangs, Les Sexareenos and PYPY. He has since begun a commercial career, recording and writing tracks for film, fashion and television companies such as MGM, Saint Laurent Paris, MTV, Playboy, Showcase and Alliance Films. Working on films has allowed Vucino to lead Red Mass through a wide range of musical genres. An innovative guitarist featured on SUB POP, Warner Bros., Last Gang Records, Swami, Alien8 and In the Red Records, Vucino has also written tracks performed by great artists as Duchess Says and King Khan. This is not to forget his own 100+ releases. You can also catch him acting in the fictional band Nightseeker on the VICELAND/CityTV show FUBAR: Age of Computer. Lewis has written songs performed by notable artists such as Mac Demarco and makes documentary films about the preservation of culture and resources.
May 10, 2019 12:00 am Dan Burke presents Monarch Tavern, Friday May 10th