Montreal, QC
Random Recipe’s name truly and simply suits their sound. Bringing hip hop, pop, funk and electro to the blend, this Montreal band fronted by two female MCs was able to slip away from the attribution of a specific genre. Live, they like to sweat, laugh, party, get wild and own the stage the way kids own their sandbox.

Random Recipe celebrates its 10th anniversary with “Distractions”, a bold and percussive third album catalyzed by hundreds of shows played all over the world. Now a trio, the group strongly reaffirm their quirky musical identity on this new opus. Distractions sees Frannie, Fab and Liu-Kong collaborating with 9 inspiring artists to present pop, rap, funk and electro tracks infused with biting feminist, social and political comments. As the band remain a truly astonishing stage act, each of the new tracks on the album pays tribute to their love of live performance. With “Distractions” the trio will continue to keep blowing the roof off venues around the globe!

May 10, 2019 9:00 pm Duprince Simone Records Showcase – Baby G, Friday May 10th
May 11, 2019 10:00 pm Supermarket, Saturday May 11th