Vancouver’s Old Man Canyon returns with the sun-dappled electronic dream pop of their sophomore album, A Grand Facade. Since their formation in 2012, the band led by multi-instrumentalist mastermind Jett Pace have embarked on a series of tours across North America, sharing stages with artists such as Foster The People, Boy & Bear, and a soldout tour with Australia’s Paper Kites. These opportunities have arisen in part from the prominent placement of Old Man Canyon songs in TV shows such as Shameless, Suits, and Sons of Anarchy, tying their emotionally resonant music to poignant moments of onscreen drama.

“This album could be described as a satirical commentary on the state of the world,” says Pace. “Sometimes it feels like everyone is on vacation in their mind, sipping on a mai tai while the world burns behind them. We all turn a blind eye to the nature of things happening around us so I’m trying to bring attention to our inclination to run away from problems and to trust we have the ability to change it. The boat needs to get rocked a bit for people to wake up.”

May 11, 2019 10:00 pm the PAA Showcase, Saturday May 11th