MunizO was formed in August 2015 by TarO&JirO and Yuta.
TarO&JirO: In the spring of 2009, they left their homeland for London, UK and then, in 2011, expanded their activities in Europe, performing at Japan Expo in France, Rock Oz’Arene in Switzerland, and at the Guitare en Scene competition in France, where they won the first prize.
In 2013, after winning the Japanese section of Emergenza, they were signed to a major label and the next year they played at some of the biggest festivals in Japan, such as Rising Sun Rock Festival, Rock in Japan, and Countdown Japan. They gathered the attention of the Japanese media as promising artists to break in 2015, but then they decided to leave their label, after less than one year and a half.
After writing the end to their activities in the major scene in Japan, they begin a new chapter to redefine themselves as “worldwide artists”.

Yuta: He worked as a support drummer for a Japanese major label, playing at Rock in Japan, Summer Sonic, and other major festivals.
Coming back from the U.S after 3 months of studying both drums and English there, now he is proving himself to be an up-and-coming modern rock drummer.

Armed with their unique talent and tireless ambitions,
MunizO are going to make the world their stage in not too distant future.

April 18, 2017 10:00 pm The Zoobombs.