Guayaquil, ECUADOR
Morfeo is an electronic, trip rock, IDM, downtempo, and triphop band from Guayaquil – Ecuador, which works with electronic and audiovisual resources to create an avant-garde project since 2012.

The members of the band met working on the music production of a video game for PS4. Due to the artistic affinity between them, they begun to explore creation outside of that project, and created Morfeo.

In their first studio album ‘Ra’ (2016), there is a sound trip full of emotions adorned with synths and melodic spirals.
In the second studio album ‘IzanaMi’ (2017), Morfeo delves further into experimental rock with increasingly electronic elements and, sometimes, a nightmarish atmosphere.

Currently, the band is promoting their EP “Remixes” (2019) and inside the process of recording their third studio album that will be released in 2019. Also planning Southamerican, Northamerican and European Tours for the next months.