Mehdi Bahmad is a Moroccan-born Canadian-raised independent alt-pop singer-songwriter. His warm and seductive universe traverses contemporary electro-pop with classical instrumental sounds and foreign tones of oriental influences. Between a poet and a pop persona, he outpours his own thoughts and feelings in distinguishing epic and dramatic way. Formerly trained in visual arts, Mehdi proposes a narrative universe at the intersection of various sensorial disciplines.

Before moving to Montreal at the age of 8, Mehdi and his family lived in Morocco and South of France. Through his music, he explores and expresses the rich and distinctive union between his Moroccan and Berber origins and his Canadian up-bringing.

In 2018, Mehdi independently released ‘Rouge à Lèvres’, his self-produced debut single. The song is an atmospheric and 
layered romantic appeal questioning gender expression. The music video he directed and conceived himself was released on July 12th and premiered by iHeart Radio.

Mehdi will be the voice of his generation, a generation of young women and men – and everyone in between – embracing their identity and striving to be heard. He invites everyone to let themselves go with love and abandonment in his universe, a new tale of Arabian Nights in which the word haram is the only thing that is forbidden.

May 7, 2019 9:00 pm Longboat Hall, Tuesday May 7th